Welcome to the Next Reformation

A View Through Art, History, Science, Theology and Mysticism

As our view of the universe change, so does our view of God change. Science and Religion are most often thought of as two separate ways to look at our universe; but this was not always so. The ancients who studied the stars to help understand the mysteries of life, gave rise to our sciences of physics and astronomy. Now we can see regions of the heavens where stars are created and modern physics is discovering strange interactions of matter and energy on the sub-atomic level that have spiritual appearing qualities.



Martin Luther, and others, led us in a Reformation against corruptions in the Church.  Another Reformation is necessary.

The Next Reformation will come with Consciousness of the Logos ~

The Kingdom is within.

adam eve

Adam and Eve, by Domenichino, 1623, Musee des Beaux-Arts, Genoble, France.

Original sin is simply Man’s lower, base nature.
Salvation then, becomes a matter of evolution of consciousness. The next reformation begins with an awareness of Christian Mythology!

Mythology ~