Remember Galileo and his battle with the Church 400 years ago.  "The earth moves". This was part of the begining of a great scientific and spiritual revolution. Our civilization is in the midst of another!



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We have been making science experiment kits for 22 years and doing Science and Spirit activities for 15 years. We like fun things that can teach real lessons. We like to show some of the amazing and invisible physical and chemical phenomena and to make them available in safe and economical formats. Disappearing Ink was our first kit after we learned the chemistry behind the trick. Here is a picture from our Polarity of Water Experiment.

Bending of Water

Amazing forces exist all around us. Here water is attracted to an electrically charged plastic ruler.  Rubbing plastic with certain objects like wool or hair produces a static charge.  Water is polar having a postive part (hydrogen) and a negative part (oxygen). Much of life in nature is polar.
See " The Polarity of Water Chemistry Bit" at

polarity pic

We feel and love something that we call the Holy Spirit.

And we love to show physical phenomena and scientific principles in an attempt to demonstrate and learn that other levels of spiritual reality may exist.

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