Matter, on the microcosmic level appears very much like spirit - a bundle of vibrating energy.  And again, our view must change even more!



Physics and Vibrating Strings

sun mag field

Sunspots and solar flares swirl on the sun as the eruption of solar plasma is directed by the force of solar magnetic fields.  NASA Photo.

All matter and electrical particles have fields around them and these force fields alter the space around those objects. Energy that we recieve from the sun comes from thermonuclear reactions converting hydrogen into helium.

Photo of water waves undergoing diffraction and interference, in a ripple tank experiment. Physical Science Study Committee.

The smallest bits of matter may vibrate as waves. Light can travel as a particle called a photon, or behave as a wave that can create amazing phenomena such as rainbows and holograms. 


So we have the Hubble telescope focusing in on the macrocosm and stellar creation.  Einstein’s Theory of Relativity indicates that time and space have no real meaning when things move as fast as the speed of light.  Our three-dimensional universe is actually a four-dimensional continuum of space-time distorted by mass-energy into some curved “space”.

     And on the microcosmic, or quantum level, matter and mass are seen as forms of energy and may appear spirit-like.  Light can interact with matter. Einstein described this transformation in his famous equation:  E = m c 2   energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.  Matter is mostly empty space. 
In the world of quantum mechanics, physicists will never be able to measure the smallest particles and they can only speak of probabilities using mathematical equations.  The quantum world is inaccessible to human senses and is understandable only to certain mathematicians using strange theoretical dimensions and is not of our world, but it does let us see possibilities of other dimensions 
      The worlds of the very large and the very small are strange indeed. 
       There is a limit to physics.  Physics, and all the science of our world, observe particles using light or other forces. As physicists approach the lower limit of matter, their observation techniques interact with what they are measuring and this action changes what is observed.  This is known as the Heisenberg’s Uncertainity Principle.   This is similar to observing the psychological state of a person.  If they know that they are being observed, their behavior will change.
It is like we are figures in Plato’s cave looking at shadows on the wall, not knowing that a fire is producing shadows of our own body.  We know there is something else, but do not know what it is and where it came from, or what makes it.  Here is where we need, or use religion and metaphysics, and especially the Eastern religions.               
Max Planck, developer of quantum theory, is quoted as saying “religion and science do not exclude each other. God is at the beginning of religion and at the end of science.” (from God’s Laughter - Man and His Cosmos, by Gerhard Staguhn)       

For the Next Reformation, we will discover that Spiritual Energy must follow its own laws of cause and effect, and never be arbitrary, even though it may appear so to us.

Tracks of an electron and a positron produced from high energy light radiation.

Energy can be converted into matter and matter can be annihilated to produce energy.  Light can be transformed into the matter of our universe.  This is part of the physics of creation. Light can produce (create) an electron and its opposite - a positron. When a particle, such as an electron, and its antiparticle, a positron, come together,  they annihilate each other and a photon of light energy is produced. 

positron electron
As a violin string can vibrate with certain harmonics, these vibrating atomic strings may be the connecting point of God’s Word and matter.  Energy is transmitted by vibrations, and moves as waves.  So spiritual energy must also operate by cause and effect and not by magic or supernatural phenomena.
Scientists now know that matter is made of atoms and atoms are made of sub-atomic particles - electrons, protons and neutrons.  Protons and neutron are in the nucleus which is very dense, and the rest of the atom is mostly empty space.  Those sub-atomic particles are made of even smaller and stranger weirdly named things.  And these smallest elementary particles are beginning to look as if they are really bundles of vibrating energy.  These new most basic entities are called quarks.  And, according to Superstring Theory, quarks and electrons appear to be made of exceedingly small somethings mathematically described as one dimensional curved quantities of energy called strings.
matter strings

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